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Since 2015, I offer most of my services under a heading of "coaching." The rationale for this decision is in my Position Paper.


I may be required to charge 21% VAT tax (BTW) for your consultations.  Except where noted below, all consultations (45 minutes) are €222, excl. VAT.


For couples consultations, double sessions are recommended (90min).  Family sessions can range from 45 to 90min, depending on the ages of the children involved. The fee for these longer sessions is prorated based on the above 45min fee.




  1. Certain services cannot appropriately fit under the heading of "coaching" and must be regarded as "therapy."  The treatment of serious depression, trauma (with or without EMDR), or severe personality disorders provide several examples.  Therapy fees are exempt of the 21% VAT tax.

  2. Because I do not contract with Dutch insurance companies, potential therapy clients with Dutch insurance are strongly encouraged to carefully enquire about their company's reimbursement policies for non-contracted therapists before scheduling an appointment with me.  I advise you to get ressurances about reimbursement in writing.

  3. Evening/early am consultations (before 8:30am and after 5pm) are €296 for 45min.  VAT may need to be added depending on the coachee's country of residence.

  4. It may be possible for clients with foreign insurance providers (for example Cigna, JSIS, MSH) to be billed without VAT.

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