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Van Boetzelaerlaan 136

2581 AX  Den Haag



    Please do NOT send sensitive information via email.

  • Send only your basic question and your 06 number.

  • I will respond via ZIVVER, my secure email server.


+31 (0)6 3618 0913


Current waiting period for an intake:

6-8 work weeks (potentially earlier for a virtual meeting)

  • No waiting period after intake.

  • Waiting period is independent of your choice of insurance company.

  • If you find the waiting period too long, you can always contact your insurance company to request waitlist assistance.  Your insurance company can assist you so that you can arrange an intake within four weeks of your first contact with another provider, and so that the treatment begins within 10 weeks of that intake.  These are the maximum acceptable waiting periods as agreed between insurance companies and providers, the so-called "treek norms."

  • last update of waiting period information: February 1, 2024

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