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Part III: The swallow goes digital. Announcing the Kindle Version of Safe Passage.

Many of you have been calling for this for years. It was on my list, but the research got priority. Safe Passage can now be bought far more easily, and in an environmentally more friendly way, and all over the world. The new Kindle version is here. Please help spread the word!

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May 01, 2021

Hello Drs. Ota,

I came across your work a few days ago and as an international teacher who is interested in learning how to best support my students, I was very eager to read more of it. Because I live in Ethiopia, I am unable to buy the paperback edition of your book, due to the high shipping cost and uncertainty about whether it would even arrive or not. So I bought the Kindle edition, but was disappointed to find out that it was not compatible with my Kindle Paperwhite. Unfortunately, I had to return the ebook to Amazon for a refund. Will there be a release of an edition that is compatible with all Kindle devices?

Thank you!

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